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“My wife and I are first-time home buyers who had no idea what to expect from this whole experience, but came away buying the first and ONLY house we ever looked at. Stacey was there for us from the beginning of the rollercoaster ride until the end holding our hands, guiding us through the whole process, and offering us the most amazing advice along the way.

“The highest praise that we could say about her is that without her advice, our offer for the house of our dreams would have never been accepted, and we would still be looking at houses today. 

“We never knew how much hard work and long-term commitment goes into being a Realtor, and truly appreciate all the hard work that Stacey put in.”
-- Freida, Noah, Adam, & Joshua G., December 2020

”It was wonderful working with you on the condo purchase. You were perfect in answering all our questions but allowing us to discuss and think it over. It was nice not to have someone dismissing our concerns and giving us space to look around.”

-- Janet H., August 2020

“We met Stacey while attending one of her open houses and knew then that we would like to work with her. Stacey’s professionalism and deep knowledge of the real estate market helped guide us through the process of finding a new home with ease. She was prompt in her response to any questions we had and kept our interest in focus throughout the process. Stacey met all of our expectations and beyond and she is genuinely a wonderful person! We would definitely recommend her.”

-- Nafeeza and Ricardo, July 2020

“I have known Stacey for over 7 years and she is my go-to agent whenever I need real estate professional assistance. I have already done several real estate transactions with her and so have a few of my friends – all were very happy with Stacey’s services. Stacey is super professional, knowledgeable, friendly and always ready to help. I highly recommend that whomever is looking to sell or buy have Stacey as his agent by his side!”

--Victor Z., June 2020

“Stacey was fantastic to work with throughout the whole buying process. She is a local with deep knowledge of the market and great communication skills.  Her ability to close deals is excellent, even during a pandemic!  I highly recommend working with Stacey.”

-- Nicolas P., May 2020

“I would highly recommend Stacey Steck as one the best Realtors in the business to work with when buying or selling your property.  I have known Stacey for many years and we have collaborated on several projects.  Stacey has successfully sold a number of condos on our behalf and is a wonderful negotiator to have on your side.  Stacey brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all her deals.  She is creative, timely and very professional.  I have referred Stacey to many friends who have all been highly satisfied with her knowledge of the market and expertise.”

-- Alison R., May 2019 

“I had the privilege of having Stacey Steck of Hammond Residential represent me in the selling of 2 neighboring single-family homes located together on a subdivided lot in Newton. After asking for recommendations for a good realtor in greater Boston from friends and colleagues, I was referred to Stacey. During our first in-person meeting, Stacey impressed me with her enthusiasm and knowledge of the inner workings of the real estate world. We discussed different strategies to market and sell the properties either separately or together, as well as the pros and cons of each marketing approach. Stacey was successful in finding me several qualified buyers following the first open house. After accepting an offer and signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement, Stacey attended to all the little details of the closing, making the whole selling experience effortless from start to finish.  I would happily recommend Stacey Steck to anyone who is seeking a friendly, skilled, and knowledgeable Realtor.”

-- David J., April 2019

“I first met Stacey Steck at an open house in the spring of 2018. I had been searching the Newton real-estate market fairly consistently for almost 4 years, since moving from Montreal and living in a rental home in Newton Centre. I met countless Realtors over this period of time, and was pretty determined on not working with an agent since I successfully sold and purchased all our previous homes in Montreal on my own. After meeting Stacey for the first time, I immediately felt a strong and trusting connection with her. I sensed Stacey to be a very understanding and balanced agent, highly attuned with the client. 

“It is rare to find an agent who puts their own interests behind their clients, but this is exactly how Stacey operates. In other words, Stacey is the opposite to a pushy Realtor who tries to convince you of what you need rather than listen to what you say you need. To me, this is Stacey’s truest gift and a primary cause of her success and why I was immediately drawn to her. Stacey did not disappoint. She astutely read my style, taste and needs, and carefully curated properties for viewing. Within in a few visits, Stacey found us our dream home and did everything she could to secure our offer while balancing the needs of the sellers. 

“Our closing was a long and very complicated process with many setbacks. However, Stacey handled each step with confidence and grace. In short, Stacey is unbelievably kind, supportive, intelligent, and balanced in her approach. She listens carefully and does exactly what you need at the perfect moment, letting the client lead the way with gentle but persistent guidance. I unreservedly recommend Stacey to anyone looking for a highly knowledgeable and experienced agent who will do their best to find and secure your dream home.”

-- Dr. M., February 2019

“Stacy Steck was a true joy to work with in finding our home. Extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to our home-buying needs, she immediately grasped what we were looking for and didn’t waste time showing us properties that didn’t meet our expectations. Stacy truly cares about her clients and has their best interests at heart.”

-- Dan H. February 2019

“Stacey is a true partner!  I’ve worked with Stacey on both the purchase and sales side and she adds value all the way and ensures the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.  She also goes above and beyond her scope as a Realtor and is interested and action-oriented in every phase of the process.”

-- Marianne F., January 2019

"Stacey was able to help us win the condo we were a long time waiting for -- even during her vacation. She provided us with great guidance and tips during the whole process and was there for us in the critical time to submit a winning bid.”

-- Ron, January 2019

“I met Stacey Steck as a result of her contacting me regarding the opportunity to list one of my development projects.  We ended up working together for the first time which still continues to date.  Stacey is a very serious and committed broker.  She really does care and was willing and able to try new creative marketing ideas and work with me on new concepts as well. I would highly recommend Stacey as she is a great person and broker.”

-- Belinda N., September 2018

“Stacey was wonderful to work with, and we look forward to recommending her to friends and family in the future. As first-time homeowners, we had a steady stream of questions and anxieties of all types. Stacey was always quick to respond and took each of our concerns seriously. We always felt respected, and like we had an advocate on our behalf. Her experience really came through: she understood all aspects of the process, offered sound advice, and had plenty of helpful recommendations for service providers and the like. Stacey made a point to attend our closing in person, congratulating us afterward, and acknowledging the importance of the day to us. We could not have had a smoother experience, and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

-- Nitin W., June 2018

“We’ve lived in the Boston area for 30 years. We consider ourselves quite knowledgeable about neighborhoods and sub-markets. When we started a search for a new home to live the next stage of our lives, we weren’t sure if we even needed the services of a broker, especially considering all the technology available to the modern buyer.

“But after meeting Stacey at an open house, we were impressed with the depth of her market knowledge. Stacey is also an established player in her market and knows how to optimally position clients in front of sellers and their agents. She adds substantial value, especially in a competitive environment.

“Stacey works hard to meet her clients’ needs and is very responsive. She is also a wonderful person, incredibly warm and kind.

“But the bottom line for us is that Stacey helped us find the perfect home after a brief search. We couldn’t be happier with our new place.”

-- Geng R., January 2018

“When we first met Stacey at an open house, before beginning our housing search, we were impressed with her kindness and commitment to her clients.  As we began looking for a new home for our family a year later, we immediately thought of Stacey.  We had a fantastic experience working together.  Always responsive, flexible, and patient, Stacey understood what we were looking for and helped us find the perfect home for our family!  Her knowledge of the market is unparalleled, and we were continually struck by her unique skill in really learning about her clients and their needs.  We feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Stacey, and we would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for their next home.”

-- Helen M. and Paul G., January 2018

"I wanted to reach out to give feedback on my recent relationship with Stacey Steck.

“First, I have had 3 home purchases and 2 home sales with Stacey as my agent.  She is an amazing real estate professional and I will always work with Stacey, regardless of where I may buy, what I may be buying (Condo, single, multi, etc), etc.  She is a pleasure to work with and I know she has my best interest at heart.

Her follow up and response is unsurpassed.  She is always following up with statuses - for example, she lets me know when the inspector is done, when the radon test is picked up, anything she may know or pick up on during the whole process, and is always taking the time to openly communicate with me in everything that is happening.

“Second, she is always positive.  She never criticizes anyone and takes time to understand what I am looking for. She is a partner in my search and objective. She can see things in a home beyond what is in front of her.

“She is trustworthy and brings confidence and peace of mind during a very hectic period.  She is involved in helping you find stagers, handy men, painters, lenders, movers, cleaners, etc.  Many of my ongoing relationships are due to introductions from Stacey.  She will even come and help you move or help you clean if you need her to. She is also always offering her help beyond the normal activities of a real estate agent.  When you feel alone and tremendous pressure, Stacey is always there to make you feel better.

“She has a good eye for real estate value.  She knows what the market will bear, what it looks like, the future potential in a property and the equity that can be made as a result of an investment.  She is not just selling you a house or helping you sell yours. She helping you invest in a home that is for family, and with positive investment outcome. 

“Stacey provides white glove service.  I wish there were more people like her, With Stacey at the helm, I am never worried. She takes care of everything, lets me know when I must respond to something, and is able to manage all contacts on my behalf.

“Stacey's service is astounding and I cannot say enough about her and what she has done for me.  If there is anyone that may have doubts as to signing up with her, please let me know.  I will be happy to discuss at length the value she brings and answer any and all questions they may have.”

-- Julia K., December 2017

“Stacey helped us find our first home in Brookline, a super competitive real estate market. Stacey is charming, warm, smart, extremely well-networked and fun to work with. She gave us great ideas that were translated to an awesome first purchase. We couldn’t have done this without her. We were SO lucky to have her on our side! We recommend Stacey wholeheartedly!” 

-- Amir and Yana G., May 2017

"While working with Stacey, I realized I was working with a pro.  I bought my home almost a year ago while finishing a Masters degree program so I didn’t have time to waste looking.  Stacey honored my crazy schedule and worked around it, informed me of what to anticipate throughout the home buying process and found me the perfect home!  The purchase was seamless and I am so happy I’ve found my eclectic cottage by the sea.”

-- Holly S., November 2016

"There are a lot of competent real estate companies and real estate agents in the Boston area.  They know their markets, selling trends and mortgage options.  They can refer you to appraisers, lawyers and contractors. They make themselves available 24/7 and work pretty much without weekends.  In my adult life I have bought and sold a few houses and dealt with several Realtors.  All of them got the job done and all of them behaved in a professional manner, but none of them got any repeat business from me. 

“Enter Stacey Steck.  She helped me sell a condo in 2015.  Since then I have been referring her to friends and family members looking to buy or sell.  When I am ready to sell my house, it will be Stacey selling it. What sets Stacey apart from other Realtors?  There is no hype – Stacey shows you market research on a range of comparable properties and lets you decide how you want to price your property. She does not push you to put your property on the market at a lower price in order to get a faster sale.  She lets you decide your comfort zone and then she is committed to the process of selling your house.  There are no inflated promises – everything Stacey promises in her contract, she delivers in a timely manner. Stacey totally gets that selling/buying a house is an emotional journey on top of a financial one and she is a calm and reasonable professional that helps navigate the entire process.  And then there are small things, like dropping off a new smoke detector before a fire inspection, so that I don’t have to rush out to Home Depot to get one.  Thank you, Stacey!”

-- Polina S., October 2016


“Stacey Steck helped a friend of mine sell her condo in a town outside of Boston.  My friend has early onset Alzheimer’s and had been taken advantage of with previous Realtors.  I explained the situation to Stacey, who led my friend through the process, doing quite a bit of hand holding, including my friend’s relatives in every email, transaction, etc. to ensure everything was done above board.  Not only did Stacey have multiple offers on the day of the first open house (and an accepted offer by the end of the next day), she got above asking price for the condo.  This was an extremely difficult time for my friend, given her mental state and the fact that she did not want to sell her place.  Stacey was absolutely incredible with her, gained her confidence (not an easy task!), trust and respect.  Stacey made the whole process go smoothly.  My friend could not say enough about her.  Stacey knows the market well, has a great eye and is wonderful to work with.”

-- Mara N., December 2015

“We highly recommend to you Stacey Steck of Hammond Residential.  Stacey was well aware of our desire to find a condominium in the community where we had lived for many years. In the process of selection and purchasing a condo, she presented options, listened to our choices, and respected our decisions in order to accomplish the best outcome.

“When we made an offer for the unit we wanted Stacey knew every major factor and examined every specific detail of completing the purchase. She represented us so carefully that the transaction went smoothly for the seller as well.

“We recommend Stacey Steck for both home buyers and sellers because of her excellent professional skills and interpersonal qualities.  Of Realtors we have known and used, Stacey stands out as the very best.”

-- Donald and Judith M., December 2015

“Stacey could not have come at a most crucial time!

“We were looking for a home, selling our condo, traveling, settling three rambunctious boys.

“Stacey to the rescue!

“She made the stress of the whole situation go so smoothly and with a time factor, quickly approaching, she eased our worries.

“Her attention to detail between both transactions and results was a blessing for us!  Her knowledge and constant communication with us surely put our minds at ease.   She was always there with suggestions that were quite helpful.”

-- Gil Z., October 2015

"Stacey Steck was a Godsend to me.  Living in California and having to sell my Brookline Village condo could have been disastrous.  Thanks to Stacey, everything went smoothly. My initial quote for the sale was $100,000 less -- from another prominent real estate company. Stacey came highly recommended from a friend who sent me her recent sales pamphlet. I was impressed.

“As a physician with minimal time on my hands, she took the reins from me and proceeded swiftly and diligently. Given it was complex sale for me -- and involved a 1031 exchange with critical time frames involved --- I was anxious, to say the least.

“Within a month, I had a concrete offer which included helping my tenants with their new rental, addressing inspection items, closing on a necessary date and accomplishing a record sale price for High Street.

“Therefore, I cannot thank and recommend Stacey Steck enough, for her amazing, conscientious, professional work.”

-- Monica Z., August 2015

“As a first-time home seller, I am so incredibly happy that we had Stacey as our agent. My husband had met with her, and then he and I met with another agent from a competing firm. After that meeting, my husband said, I really want you to meet Stacey, I think she is our best choice, so I had him schedule the introduction. Once I met Stacey, I realized that he was right and we signed with her immediately. As soon as we started with her, she got the ball rolling so quickly for us, setting up photographers and agent meetings and open houses. She kept me calm through some minor hiccups we dealt with (well, I thought they were mountains, but Stacey figured them out and ensured me these were just mole hills and that everything would work out for us . . which true to her word . . . they did). 

“Stacey was more than a real estate agent for us. Throughout each and every step, she checked in with us to make sure we were doing ok, to ensure I had no questions or concerns (and if I did, she addressed them immediately), or if there was anything that we needed from her. She was always willing to try and make life easier -- whether it be by digging for information from the condo association, or volunteering to pick things up and drop them off, or getting small tidbits for the condo just because. Her memory for all of the little things is uncanny and she thinks of everything that we would never have even considered, and when she thinks of them, she just goes ahead and handles it, rather than letting someone else take care of it. Her proactivity is one of her greatest assets, along with her incredible work ethic.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, you made our first home-selling experience as easy as it could possibly have been. If we ever decide move back to the city area, Stacey will be our first call.”

-- Lindsay B., July 2015

"Stacy and her team were great and wonderful to work with. Stacy's expertise, knowledge and professionalism were above standards. Her expert advice and quick response to all of our questions were greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend Stacy to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.”

-- Mustafa B. and Khadija I., July 2015

“Thanks so much for how patient and thoughtful you've been through the long process of my parents selling their condo. They love you! We all appreciate it. And it was an excellent outcome!”

-- Carol R., May 2015

“Stacey Steck is a lucky charm, and much more! Our family took a risk, putting our condominium on sale without having a place to move to. We wanted to stay in Coolidge Corner, and Stacey helped make that wish come true. Stacey guided us through every stage of both our sale and our new purchase. It was particularly tricky with the timing of each that had to be coordinated and fine-tuned to avoid us needing to take an on in-between residence. Stacy had a sense of the market and knew exactly how to pitch our sale, getting multiple offers and negotiating the best one for us. We liked her caring manner that extended equally to the buyers.

“Stacey is also extremely well-connected: from painters to stagers, lawyers to home inspectors, she knows them all. Her networking abilities are nothing short of extraordinary. If you want someone who can get things done for you, you want Stacey Steck! Beyond that, she is lively and charming, helpful and dependable in all aspects. She knew when to go all the way with an idea and when to make compromises. She was calm and collected at all times. 

“Stacey won over our children and my husband with her constant presence through the entire process that was riddled with uncertainty at many points. Buying and selling real estate could have been infinitely more stressful, particularly when we had not planned to make this jump at the time and because we are busy professionals with other stresses to deal with on a daily basis. Meeting Stacey by chance made it happen for us! Stacey helped us take this step and each day we enjoy our new home, there is a quiet blessing that extends from us to her. We wish her well and recommend her to you in a chorus of gratitude and admiration.“

-- Anjali P., February 2015

“Having Stacy Steck as your Realtor is like having a trusted family member and friend be your guide and advocate during this sometimes very stressful home sale process.  She is always thinking one step ahead and planning out everything that you need to help the home sale process run as smoothly as possible.  She is so supportive and on top of everything.  I had to relocate out of state before we completed my sale and Stacey truly acted as my agent and guardian angel in managing my complicated short sale.  I cannot recommend her highly enough – she’s outstanding – and if I ever have any need for myself, friends or family to have a real estate sale or need managed, she is the only agent I’d trust.  

“She’s so great I’m almost sad to have moved out of state because there’s no one I’d ever trust more with any and all real estate needs.”

-- Yvette W., January  2015


"Stacey Steck is that rare real estate broker who combines shrewd market analysis, effective strategic sales planning, and an ability to communicate with her clients, broker colleagues, and potential buyers. In the past ten years, she has sold two homes for me, either above or very close to the 7-figure asking price, one within 4 days on the market, the other within 21 days. Not only is she a formidable businesswoman, she also has a profound understanding of the non-business, more emotional experience of selling or buying a home. She was able to guide me--gently but effectively--during the sales process, ensuring that I met my personal goals within the exigencies of the market. 

“My trust in her is so strong at this point that I would never sell, buy, or rent another property without her involvement."

-- Roanne W., April 2014


“Stacey Steck encouraged me to put my Brookline condo on the market this past fall. I had no idea it was a great time to sell and never knew properties could sell quickly in an off market. I trusted Stacey's opinion because I know she is honest from her involvement in three previous real estate transactions of mine. Thanks to Stacey's enthusiasm and knowledge of the market, I agreed, and closed very quickly.  I am delighted.”

-- Lisa K., March 2014

“We worked recently with Stacey both on the sale of our condo and the purchase of a single-family home. All this had to be done within an eight week’s window so needless to say that the timelines were tight and the pressure was high. 

“Stacey worked with us on all the aspects including making recommendations for lawyers, home inspectors and loan officers. She organized the home inspections and followed up regarding numerous items that came up all the way to closing day. Stacey was always responsive and follows-up either by phone, email or text. Despite some stressful situations and very tight timelines, ultimately everything worked out and we wanted to recognize and acknowledge Stacey's efforts, patience and dedication during this process.”

--E.S. and A. B., November 2013

“Stacey Steck is an outstanding real estate broker and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to buy in the Brookline area. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market and provided sound and informed advice during the pricing and negotiating periods. Stacy was recommended to me by my former broker who was not local. When we decided to go with a Brookline broker Stacy was recommended because of her professionalism, her deep knowledge of the market, and her friendliness. Talk about a full service broker, she even walked our dog for us when we got tied up at work! She was a pleasure to work with throughout the process.”

—Laura G., June 2013

“Stacey recently helped me sell my residence in Brookline after 4 years of renting. I ‘discovered’ her through my wife who worked with Stacey many years ago and had nothing but amazing things to say about her work ethic, determination, competence and empathy. I quite simply have never worked with someone like her before. I live in Maine and was totally dependent on her for everything from working with contractors, managing my existing tenants, dealing with the condo association, the Brookline Fire department, the lawyer etc. etc. etc.

“This was not an easy sale. She organized an open house and quickly received an offer. After a difficult home inspection the offer was rescinded and I became very negative because of the financial stress. Stacey then became my cheerleader and psychologist, never missing a beat, and convincing me all would be OK. She pulled the pieces together and immediately sold the property. I do not give ‘fluff’ references. I am very honest. Stacey is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with (sold over 20 properties in my lifetime), and I will always be indebted to her for her hard work and genuine concern. She is amazing!”

-- Mike B., April 2013

“I have worked with Stacey Steck in three real estate transactions (2 purchases, and 1 sale) in the last five years. She delivered "white glove service" every single time. She worked diligently to present homes that fit my requirements and price range. Stacey also has a vision of what a home could become and helped me see the potential of turning a house into a home.

“In my last transaction, which was a sale, I was going through an especially difficult time in my life. I had very little energy to stage, fix, repair, etc., for selling my home. Stacey worked with me tirelessly to find the right contractors, stager, and landscaper at a very cost-effective price that didn't break my budget. She gave me advice on what to fix, how much to spend and what not to waste my time on. This was invaluable help!

“I sold my home for an optimum price within 3 weeks during a down market! I could never have done this without Stacey and her caring attention to all of my needs.

“Stacey will always be MY real estate agent. My belief in her capabilities and my trust in her integrity is so deep that I will put every future real estate transaction into her capable hands.”

-- Julia K., January 2012

“We have had an excellent experience with Stacey. We found Stacey when we were looking to buy a condo in Brookline in 2008. Her knowledge and understanding of the market along with her recommendations made purchasing a home an easy process. As first time home buyers, we had many questions, which Stacey answered thoroughly and very quickly. She is very professional, yet honest and personable and gets to know you as the client to find something best suited to your needs. She truly wants to help all of her clients find the best home for them. After several years in our condo, we decided to move, and Stacey was the first name on our list, since we had such a great experience with her when buying. She made selling our home just as easy a process. She was always willing to help in any way she could, whether it was holding open houses, providing tips to help our home sell faster, contacting the attorney, or mortgage broker.

"Stacey was always helpful, approachable and on her game. She went above and beyond to help ensure that we were happy with both the purchase and sale of our home. Stacey was wonderful to work with and I would recommend her without hesitation to family, friends, and anyone else looking to buy or sell a home.”

-- Aleyna C., October 2011

“I would strongly recommend Stacey. She has helped me both buy and sell homes in Brookline. She is the hardest working agent I have ever met and had every person I needed to help get my home ready from a painter to a landscaper -- you name it. Further she thoroughly researched and understood the market and actually sold my home for more than I thought it was worth.”

-- Joseph B., September 2011